Attachment I Reference Specifications

    Special Specifications:

  1. ES1873 Aggregation Point ATM Switch
  2. ES1849 ATM Switch Single-Mode OC-12 Module
  3. ES1848 ATM Switch Single-Mode OC-3 Module
  4. ES1106 CCTV Equipment Cabinets
  5. ES1116 CCTV Field Equipment
  6. ES1119 Communication Cabinet (Type 2)
  7. ES1851 Communication Cabinet (Type 2) (ATM)
  8. ES1844 Computer Room Terminal Server
  9. ES1838 Computer Room VoIP Gateway/Gatekeeper
  10. ES1840 Convert Existing Traffic Management Equipment to ATM
  11. ES1101 Data Service Unit
  12. ES1306 Digital Loop Carrier System
  13. ES1121 Digital Loop Vehicle Detection Unit (Rack Mounted)
  14. ES1307 Digital Multiplexer (OC3)
  15. ES1118 Dual OC-3 ATM MPEG-2 Encoder
  16. ES1843 Ethernet Fiber Driver
  17. ES1823 Fiber Field Terminal Server
  18. ES1128 Fiber Hub
  19. ES1824 Fiber Hub (ATM)
  20. ES1126 Fiber Optic Cable (Single Mode)
  21. ES1120 Fiber Optic Variable Message Sign System
  22. ES1845 Fiber Optic Variable Message Sign System (ATM)
  23. ES1103 Field Ethernet Switch
  24. ES1102 Field Terminal Server
  25. ES1828 Field VoIP Gateway
  26. ES1316 Lane Control System
  27. ES1808 Lane Control System (ATM)
  28. ES1115 Local Control Unit
  29. ES1111 Microwave Vehicle Presence Detection System
  30. ES1124 Multi-Duct Conduit System
  31. ES1127 Single Mode Fiber Optic Video/Data Transceiver Equipment
  32. ES8376 Surveillance Loop Detector
  33. ES1889 Video Imaging Vehicle Detection System (VIVDS)
  34. ES1874 Wireless Radio CCTV
  35. XXXX Traffic Data Collection System
  36. SS6013 Electronic Components
  37. SS6011 Testing, Training, Documentation, Final Acceptance, and Warranty
  38. SS6023 LED Dynamic Message Sign System
  39. SS6026 National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol for Dynamic Message Signs
  40. SS6345 LED Lane Control Signal Equipment
  41. SS6390 Software System Interface

    Traffic Management System Construction Detail Sheets:

  1. Fiber Optic Cable Miscellaneous Details
  2. Cabinet Foundation Details
  3. Air Terminal Mounting Details
  4. CCTV Equipment Cabinet Mounting Details
  5. Variable Message Signs Type 1 & 2 Mounting Details
  6. Variable Message Sign TY 3 Mounting Details
  7. Lane Control Signal Installation Details
  8. FTM LCU Cabinet Interconnections
  9. Local Control Unit Front Panel & Interior Schematic
  10. Surveillance Loop Detector Installation Details
  11. Miscellaneous Conduit Details
  12. Fiber Hub Details
  13. Fiber Hub (ATM) Details
  14. 4 PVC Multiduct Conduit [2-Way System]
  15. 4 PVC Multiduct Conduit [4-Way System]
  16. Manhole (Complete)(Junction Box) (TY A)
  17. Manhole (Complete)(Junction Box) (TY B)
  18. CCTV Camera Pole Details
  19. Special Camera and Air Terminal Mounting Details
  20. Communication Network Layout
  21. Cantilever Overhead Sign Support Design Details

    Traffic Data Collection System Details:

  1. TDC(1)-05 Traffic Data Collection Installation Details
  2. TDC(2)-05 Traffic Data Collection Placement Details
  3. Existing San Antonio District Traffic Data Collection System Locations
  4. Special Specification Traffic Data Collection Systems

Current  Barricade and Construction (BC) standards and Traffic Control Plan (TCP) standards can be found at: